Gas strut for chest lid

Looking for a gas strut for a chest lid? At you can find all the gas springs you need. It doesn’t have to be difficult to place your gas spring on a lid. Want more info on our gas springs and other tools? Read on then.

Why is a gas strut useful for your chest lid?

You’re probably wondering why you would assemble a gas strut on your chest lid or toy box. Well, we’ll give you the perfect answer. Because it’s useful. A gas spring provides convenience, it simply makes it a lot easier to open and close the chest lid. A chest lid could be very heavy but with a gas strut this will not be a problem any longer, it really makes the lid open up in a flexible way. Also, the last thing you want is an accident caused by a folding lid.

What size do you need?

We can imagine that you don’t exactly know which gas strut you need for your chest lid. Luckily we’ve got a tool on our website that calculates the gas strut you need. In only 4 steps you know which gas spring you need for your toy box. All the steps are explained in detail:

  • Step 1: entry of the data
    In step 1 you just have to enter the following a few points regarding the cover (weight, height, degrees & material).
  • Step 2: the calculation
    Click on “Calculate” in step 2 if the data entered in step 1 is correct and you have checked the simulation. After the calculation has been performed, you will see the cover with gas spring(s) in the simulation.
  • Step 3: adjustments
    If the simulation already shows exactly what you wanted, then in principle you do not need to change anything and you can accept it for notification. However, in step 3 you can also fine-tune the calculation so that it is even more as you wish.
  • Step 4: ordering and assembly
    Do you want to calculate a gas spring and order it directly? In step 4 you see the selected gas springs with mounting parts together with the prices.

but if you are still struggling, you can watch our instruction video ► to get started. The more specific the information you enter, the better the final result will be.

Other tools doesn’t only provide gas struts. We also provide the mounting parts to mount them. We have mounting parts available in steel and stainless steel. Also, we have them available in different sizes with different threads. We’ve got elbows, eyes, bearing shoes, side brackets, forks, and many more parts for the mounting of your gas spring. If you know which size gas strut you need, you can find all the associated mounting parts on our website.

You can install gas springs on any object to solve any solution. Need a gas strut for an attic ladder? For a screen door? Or a foldable bed? On you will always find a gas spring to help you!

Order a gas strut for your chest lid

Thinking about ordering a gas strut for your chest lid? All you have to do is add the right gas spring to your shopping cart and you’re ready to go. Still, having some doubts about whether you have the right gas spring? Just contact us. We are happy to help you out.

Want to use a gas strut for your door? Read on.