Gas strut for tailgate

Would you like your tailgate to open in a flexible and secure way? Then you should definitely use a gas spring. We can reassure you that a gas strut is the best solution for your tailgate. Do you want to know more about our gas springs and how they work? Read on, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Want to use a gas strut for your tailgate?

Thanks to our wide range of gas springs, there is a suitable gas spring for every tailgate. The type of gas spring you need often depends on what kind of tailgate you need the gas spring for. The gas springs have a damping effect so that the tailgate doesn’t close in one fell swoop. This will minimize any sort of damage. Also, your fingers cannot get in between them and won’t be injured.

Gas strut for tailgate

Find the right gas strut for your tailgate

When replacing gas springs, it is important that you pay close attention to the length and weight of the old gas springs. Therefore, before you order the gas springs, pay attention to which sizes and for what weight you need the gas springs. In most cases, our specialists recommend that you install 2 gas springs with a tailgate. Need help finding the right gas strut? Use our replacement tool. Note: you will need the part number of your current / old gas spring in order to use our replacement tool. Are you not sure on how to find this part number? Then check out this video in which we explain how to find the part number of your current / old gas spring.

Want to know more about Gasspringsshop? is the number 1 in gas struts and mountings (or mounting parts). We sell gas springs with different lengths, diameters, materials, and forces. Most of our gas springs are made of steel, but you can also choose stainless steel. When you want to mount the gas strut, you can select one of our mounting parts.

Our gas springs are equipped with a valve. When you order a gas strut for your tailgate, we fill it with the correct amount of nitrogen gas. Thanks to the valve, we can adjust the pressure in the gas spring in such a way that the pressure of the gas spring matches the pressure of your application (for instance: the lid of a toy box or a hatch) or the gas spring that you want to replace.

More information

Are you doubting whether you got the right gas strut for your tailgate? No worries. Just contact us and we’ll help you out. Do you have any other questions? You could also take a look at our FAQ. Did you know you could also use gas struts for doors, boxes, and boat hatches?