Heavy duty gas springs at Gasspringsshop

Are you in need of some heavy duty gas springs? No problem. We can provide you with all the gas springs you need. Just let us help you to find the right one. Would you like to know more? Keep on reading!

Heavy duty gas springs

Are you already using heavy duty gas springs and are you in need of some new ones? We can help you to find the right replacement for your current gas spring(s). With our different sizes and strengths we can provide you with the right gas springs. We have gas springs up to 200N, but also up to 5000N. Heavy duty gas springs are used for, among other thing, pneumatic doors or heavy lids.

If you need the gas struts for humid environments or outside, we recommend the stainless steel gas springs. However, these stainless steel gas springs are not suitable for prolonged contact with seawater. If you don’t exactly know which gas spring you need, we are happy to help you.

Did you know we also have Stabilus gas springs replacements?

Replace your current heavy duty gas springs

Are your current heavy duty gas springs in need of replacement? You can easily find out which gas strut you need on our website. You just have to fill in the article number of the one(s) you already own. After you filled it in, a list of possible replacements will appear. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, we also have different brands in stock. In our shop we offer When you’ve found the right gas spring you can easily add it to your shopping cart.

If there isn’t a possible replacement for your gas strut, you don’t have to worry. You can easily configure your own gas spring with our calculator.

How does our calculator work?

If you have never worked with our calculator before it may seem a little bit tricky. Fortunately, it is anything but difficult. The only thing you have to do is to measure all angles of the gas spring application. If you are unsure whether you’re doing it right, you can always contact us or watch the instruction video. After you’ve filled in all the dimensions, a simulated graphic
will appear. It will show you exactly how the heavy duty gas spring works and how it opens.

heavy pneumatic door lift

Get yourself some gas springs

So it won’t be that difficult to find your heavy duty gas springs with these tips. Are you interested in gas springs for home use? Just take a look at our website and find the right gas spring. You are also able to customize your own gas strut.

Do you have any questions about our gas springs? Do not hesitate to contact us!