Gas strut for means of transportation

Ever heard of gas springs? They can be very useful for different purposes. For example, a gas strut can be used for multiple means of transportation. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a gas strut? Read on for more information.

Why choose a gas strut?

If you’ve never used a gas strut before, you might ask yourself what it is and what you can use it for. It sounds very difficult but it makes life a lot easier. Gas springs are widely used multifunctional pieces of technology. You can find them everywhere. In shops, furniture, and even agricultural vehicles.

Gas springs make it easier to move or open heavy objects without using a lot of muscle power. Some objects can’t be moved without these kinds of applications. Therefore it makes a gas strut the ideal solution for your means of transportation. Have you already thought about using a gas spring for your tailgate or boat hatch?

How to find the right gas strut?

Have we convinced you to use a gas spring? Then it’s time for the next step. Finding the right gas strut for your means of transportation. Do you already have a gas strut but does it need replacement? No worries. You can easily find a replacing gas strut with our replacement tool. Please note that you will need the part number of your current / old gas spring in order to use our replacement search function. Not sure on how to find this number? We have a video on this topic right here! You can also calculate the right sized gas strut for your vehicle. You just have to enter some data regarding height, weight, and degrees. Afterward it shows you exactly what gas spring you need. Easy as that!

gas springs for trailer/ Gas strut for means of transportation

Gas strut for heavy weight applications

Did you know that there also are gas springs for heavy weight applications? At you are able to find extra large gas struts, especially for heavy duty. Think about gas struts with size 20-40. These are large gas springs to lift heavier objects or open heavy hatches. Very suitable for industrial environments. Would you like to know more about these gas springs? Read on.

More information?

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