Gas strut for rv bed

If you use a rv bed, you want it to sleep and work as comfortably as possible. Or maybe you want the bed to fold up easily. This can simply be done by means of a gas spring. You may not have heard about gas struts before. In that case, we would be happy to provide you with some more information. Read on for more information regarding a gas strut for your rv bed!

Which gas strut do you need for your rv bed?

A gas spring is very useful for folding the bed up against the wall without too much effort. If you want to use a gas strut for your rv bed, you do have to be sure that it is the right size. Not sure which gas spring you need? No problem. You can easily calculate which gas spring you need for the bed. You only need to fill in some details regarding weight, size, etc.  Follow these steps to calculate a gas spring:

  • Decide what you want to use the gas spring for.
  • Enter the dimensions of the application.
  • Measure the thickness of the application.
  • Investigate which material the application is made of.
  • Determine the total weight of the application.
  • Determine the position of the pivot point.
  • Choose how many gas springs you want to use.
  • Check the angle of the application.
  • The detailed explanation below can help you successfully make a gas spring calculation for your application.

Calculator steps

Now it’s time to begin with the calculator. It isn’t difficult but you do have to fill in all the data correctly in order for you to get the right gas spring. Follow these steps to measure the right gas strut for your rv bed:

  • Step 1: entry of the data
  • Step 2: the calculation
  • Step 3: adjustments
  • Step 4: ordering and assembly

Once it is filled in, you are able to check whether the simulation shows you a realistic image. You can check if the hinge is placed correctly or if the bed is hinged correctly to the length of the bed. You also have the possibility to adjust measurements. Are you having any difficulties while using the calculator? Watch our instruction video.

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Why use gas struts?

The answer is simple, you can use gas struts for multiple applications. Not only for your caravan bed, but also for doors, heavy weight objects or boxes. Basically, gas springs are objects consisting of a cylinder with a piston. Nitrogen in the cylinder can is compressed which provides a resilient effect. There’s a valve in the piston ensuring that the movement stays damped. So you can say that they are very useful.


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More information about the gas struts for your rv bed?

Would you like to get more information regarding gas struts for your rv bed or would you like to use a gas spring for other applications? Don’t bother to contact us. We are happy to help you.