Gas spring for boat hatch

Are you looking for a gas spring for a boat hatch? Then you have come to the right place at Featherlight. At will find a very wide range of different gas springs in different shapes and sizes.

You will find suitable gas springs especially for boat hatches that ensure that a hatch or box can be opened and closed easily. This way you can safely open and close hatches while sailing. Are you curious whether we have the gas springs you are looking for in stock? View our full range or contact us without obligation for more information.

Gas strut for boat hatch in different shapes and sizes

Thanks to our wide range of gas springs, there is a suitable gas spring for every boat and for every hatch. The type of gas spring you need often depends on which hatch or box you want to use on the boat. The gas springs, also called extenders, can be placed on a deck hatch as well as on a cabin flap for easy opening and closing. The gas springs have a damping effect so that the hatches do not close in one fell swoop. This will minimize damages to your boat. Also, your fingers cannot get in between them and won’t be injured.

Replacing or installing the gas springs of your boat

When replacing gas springs, it is important that you pay close attention to the length and weight of the old gas springs. The length as shown on our products in our shop is measured between the center of both end fittings in the fully open position.

Our products also indicate how many kilos the gas springs can hold. Therefore, before you order the gas springs, pay attention to which sizes and for what weight you need the gas springs. If you want to order two gas springs, you can divide the weight of the hatch by two. In most cases, our specialists recommend that you install 2 gas springs with a hatch or box.

Need advice about our gas springs for a boat hatch?

Would you like to know more about which gas struts suit your boat best or what you should pay attention to when installing gas springs? Our specialists will gladly assist you, just contact us. If you have already decided which one you are looking for, you can easily order the gas springs via our online shop.