Bed struts

A gas spring for a pull down bed is a handy appliance for easily folding the bed in and out. Fold-down beds are often used for space-saving purposes. For example in a holiday home, guest room or apartment. Pull down beds are space-saving and easy to use thanks to the gas struts. Find a suitable gas spring for your bed by using one of our calculators.

Bed struts

Are you looking voor bed struts? A pull down bed is stored vertically, with the bottom of the bed serving as a wall. By pulling down the bed, it is placed horizontally on the floor, so it can be used as a bed. The reason why a pull down bed can be easily folded and unfolded is due to the use of gas struts. Without a gas strut, folding the bed in and out would be much heavier. The gas strut provides a springy effect, which dampens the movement. If the gas strut loses its strength, you will have to fold the bed in and out on your own.

Gas strut for basement trap door

Calculate your bed struts

Gasspringsshop offers various gas struts for pull down beds, but it can be quite difficult to find the right gas spring. We have developed various tools with which you can calculate a suitable gas spring. They are easy to use, therefore everyone can find a suitable gas spring. We will give a brief explanation how to properly make use of tools.


We have established a configurator which gives you the opportunity to assemble a gas spring with the matching mounting parts and desired strength. Use the configurator if you already know which gas strut you need for your pull down bed. The 360 degrees button helps you view your product in 3D.


If you have no idea which gas spring you need, use our calculator. The instruction video helps u understand how to use the tool. By entering all the details of your application, for instance: the weight and length of your pull down bed, the calculator will calculate the right gas strut for your application.


Last but not least we also developed a replacement search function. This tool will easily find a replacement for your shock. The only information you need is the type or article number of the current strut. The replacement tool will find the right replacement. If not, you can always try to put together a suitable gas strut by using our configurator.

Simply order online

After calculating your bed strut, you can easily order it online. We have a broad range of gas struts which will help you fold and unfold your pull down bed. In principle all the products are in stock and you can expect your order to be with you within 1 – 2 working days. Do you need help by assembling your gas strut? Please contact our customer service, we are happy to help you find the right gas strut.