Heavy duty gas struts? We got you covered!

Do you work with heavy duty regularly and are you in need of some gas struts? At the Gasspringshop you can find any gass strut you need. We are able to configure, calculate or replace your current gas struts. Would you like to know more? We’ll tell you everything about it!

A gas strut contains a cylinder with compressed gas. The more gas in the cylinder, the higher the Newton (N) force. Did you know that we sell gas struts with a force as high as 5000N? These struts are often used for heavy duty applications.

Gas struts made for heavy duty

At Gasspringshop.com you are able to find extra large gas struts especially for heavy duty. Think about gas struts with size 20-40. This means the bar is 20  millimeters wide and the casing 40 millimeters. These are large gas springs to lift heavier objects or open heavy hatches. Very suitable for industrial environments. Would you like to take a look? Find many different sizes right here.

Calculate your own gas struts for heavy duty

Would you like to use gas struts but still have no idea which gas strut to use for your application? That will not be a problem. You can easily use our calculation tool. You can calculate and order the gas spring in just 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the details of your gas strut application
    This step will check and simulate all details of the application.
  • Step 2: Calculate the numbers
    Now we will show you a circulated draft of what the gas strut will look like. It can show you how it looks opened or closed.You can also operate the cover with the mouse by clicking on it and holding down the button. You will also see what happens when you raise or lower the cover. If you click on “Assembly drawing”, you can save and/or print the assembly drawing.
  • Step 3: Adjust your gas strut
    If you’re satisfied with the gas strut, you can skip this step. If there are still some adjustments you would like to make, you are able to make the changes here.
  • Step 4: Order your heavy duty gas strut!
    Almost ready for ordering! At this step you can see the selected gas struts and mounting parts with corresponding prices. If all measurements are correct you can easily add the gass strut(s) to your shopping cart. After everything is checked, you can place the order.

Best gas strut materials for heavy duty

Our gas struts are well known for their high quality and innovation. However if you need gas struts for heavy duty in humid environments, the stainless steel gas struts are the most suited. For example for company sheds, halls, etc. Click here to see a few of our stainless steel gass struts. Did you already know we also have Stabilus gas springs?

More products

Did you already order our gas struts for heavy duty and became curious about our other gas struts or mounting parts? Take a look on our website and find different sizes and tensions. Do you have any questions? Contact us.