Gas strut for a bed

Gas springs can be used for different applications. You can even use a gas strut for your bed! A gas spring is very useful for folding the bed up against the wall without too much effort. Want to know more? Read on.

The ideal gas strut for your bed

Do you need a gas strut for your folding bed in your tiny house, city apartment or guest room? We can imagine that it can be difficult to determine which gas spring is right for your bed. Each bed has a different weight. One bed is made of wood, while the other bed is made of lightweight aluminum. Luckily we’ve got a tool that will calculate which gas spring you need. It shows you which one is suitable for your specific situation. Also how to assemble it.

Which gas strut do you need for your bed?

It can be difficult to determine which gas strut you need for your bed. Not with Gasspringsshop. Just fill in all the data you got in our calculation tool. Once it is filled in, you are able to check whether the simulation shows you a realistic image. You can check if the hinge is placed correctly or if the bed is hinged correctly to the length of the bed. Click here to use the calculation tool and find the right gas strut for your bed.

It could be useful to check the entered weight. You can do this by clicking on ‘show closed’ in the simulation, then look at the blue arrow. It will show you which force is necessary to lift the bed. The force should correspond to the force that you would measure with for instance, a personal scale.

Gasspringsshop #1 quality

Gasspringsshop has all kinds of gas springs for your application(s). We sell them with different diameters, lengths, materials and forces. We have got them available in steel and stainless steel. Want to mount your gas strut? No problem. We also sell the right mounting parts for your gas spring.

Also, did you know that when you order a gas strut, we fill it with the right amount of nitrogen gas. They’re all equipped with a valve. With help of the valve, we are able to adjust the pressure in a way that the pressure of the gas spring matches the pressure of your application (for instance: the lid of your bed) or the gas spring that you want to replace.

Looking for the gas strut for your bed?

You probably already figured out which gas strut you need. If not, you can always contact us. We gladly help you to find the right gas spring.

Did you know our gas struts can also come in handy for your bed or door?