Gas strut for wooden box

Looking for a gas strut for your wooden box? It can be very handy. Especially when you want the lid of the box to open easily. We can give you some tips on how to use a gas strut and how to find the right one.

Why use a gas strut for a wooden box?

Interested in a gas strut for a wooden box? You should definitely use one for your box. The gas strut provides a lot of conveniences. Why? The answer is simple. It makes the lid of the box open and close a lot easier. You don’t have to worry about the lid closing too fast which also makes it safer.

gas strut for wooden box

Which gas strut do you need?

If you don’t know which gas spring you need it might seem difficult. Luckily we have a tool on our website that exactly shows you which one you need. You only have to go through a few steps. First, you have to enter some data regarding weight, height, degrees, and materials. Then, you click on the calculate button. After the calculation has been performed, you will see the cover with gas spring(s) in the simulation.

If the simulation already shows exactly what you want, you do not need to change anything and you can accept it for notification. However, in step 3 you can also fine-tune the calculation so that it is even more as you wish. Do you want to calculate a gas spring and order directly? In step 4 you will find the selected gas springs with mounting parts together with the prices.

Replace your current gas spring

Do you already have a gas spring on your box but does it need to be replaced? Even then we can help you. You can use our replacement tool to find various replacements for your current gas spring. This is possible for different brands such as AL-KO, Airax, Stabilus, and many more. Just fill in the article number on your gas strut and it will show you all the useful options.

Gas strut for your wooden box

Want to use a gas strut for your wooden box? Just add the right gas spring to your shopping cart. Did you know gas struts are useful for multiple applications? You could also use them for your bed or screen door. Do you have any questions or would you like some more information? Just contact us. We are happy to help.