Jerome k Johnston

July 21, 2024

First time purchase and it went very well

When ordering I could not change where the hinges are located. On a 4' ×8' door makes a big difference, so we had to release alot of pressure, with the info sent by email made that pretty simple and seems to be working the way I expected.

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Are you looking for the right gas spring (also known as gas strut) for your application? is the number 1 in gas struts and mountings (or mounting parts). We sell gas springs with different lengths, diameters, materials and forces. Most of our gas springs are made of steel, but you can also choose stainless steel. When you want to mount the gas strut, you can select one of our mounting parts. Choose the right mounting part for your application.

Our gas springs are equipped with a valve. When you order a gas strut, we fill it with the correct amount of nitrogen gas. Thanks to the valve, we can adjust the pressure in the gas spring in such a way that the pressure of the gas spring matches the pressure of your application (for instance: the lid of a toy box or a hatch) or the gas spring that you want to replace.

Configure your gas spring

To easily assemble a gas spring with matching mounting parts, you can use the configurator on After selecting a gas strut you can choose two mounting parts on the left and the right. You see the dimensions. Click on the 360 degrees button to view the product in 3D. After finding the right product, you choose the force and the amount. Then you can continue to the shopping cart.

Calculate your gas spring

If you have no idea what kind of gas strut you need for your application, please use our calculator. Here you can design your own gas spring. Enter the details of your application (for instance: the weight and dimensions of the cover) and click on the button ‘Calculate’ (step 2). Check the calculated products and order by clicking the Shopping Cart-button.

Replace your gas spring

Do you already have a gas spring that needs replacing? You can search by type or article number. If you see a result then there is a gas strut that can act as a replacement for your current one. If you find no results?

Then you can always try to put together a suitable gas spring using our configurator.

Need help assembling a gas spring?

We are happy to help. Please contact our customer service and tell us what your application is and what the dimensions are. We can help you find the right gas strut.