Mounting parts

Got the right gas spring but still in need of mounting parts? No problem. Gasspringsshop has a wide variety of mounting parts. So if you’re looking for some parts, just take a look and you’ll find the right one(s). More information? Read on.

Gasspringsshop mounting parts doesn’t only provide gas springs. We also provide the mounting parts to mount your gas spring. We have mounting parts available in steel and stainless steel. Also, we have got them in different sizes with different threads. We’ve got elbows, eyes, bearing shoes, side brackets, forks and many more parts for the mounting of your gas spring.

How do you install gas struts with mounting parts?

Don’t exactly know how to mount your gas spring? We are here to help you. We have some tips for the mounting of your gas spring in a proper way.

  • When installing, make sure there’s enough play in the cylinder hook-ups. This will prevent rigid installation.
  • The piston rod should not get jammed (bending, kinking or sagging must be avoided).
  • Only axial loads are permissible, also: cross or torsion forces must not occur.
  • Screwed-on fittings need to be screwed in completely and rest firmly on the face if required. If there are loose fittings, they should be screwed on completely before installation. If there are vibrations, the fittings must be secured by gluing in.

Still think it’s a little difficult? Watch this video for a clear instruction, but you could also contact us.

Looking for gas springs?

Gasspringsshop is an expert in delivering gas springs. We have a wide variety of gas springs. Steel, stainless steel and stabilus struts. Also they differ in sizes. We can imagine you don’t precisely know which gas spring you need. Luckily you are able to find out which gas spring you need through our calculator tool. You just have to fill in the measurements. Now you will find the right gas spring in a few seconds.

More information

Would you like to know more about or mounting parts or do you have questions about the mounting process of a gas spring? Just contact us or take a look at our FAQ. We are happy to help.