Gas strut for heavy door: find the right one here

A heavy door can be difficult to open and close safely. Luckily this problem can be solved by means of a gas spring. A gas spring effectively cushions the weight, allowing you to gently open and close the door. This makes it much safer but also contributes to the durability of the heavy door. At Gasspringsshop, you can design your own gas spring. Are you looking for a replacement gas spring, or are you unsure of the dimensions? We offer a solution for both scenarios through a tool. Read on to get to know more about the perfect gas spring for your heavy door.

Why use a gas strut for your heavy door?

Gas struts are widely used multifunctional pieces of technology. You can find them everywhere. In shops, furniture, and even agricultural vehicles. Gas springs make it easier to move or open heavy objects without using a lot of muscle power. Some objects can’t be moved without these kinds of applications. Therefore it makes a gas strut the ideal solution for your heavy door. And did you know that gas struts will extend the lifespan? By reducing the impact and stress on door hinges and frames, gas struts can significantly increase the lifespan of your heavy door. Another benefit of a gas strut for heavy doors is safety. Heavy doors can pose a risk if they slam shut unexpectedly. Gas struts ensure a controlled movement, preventing sudden closures which can lead to accidents or damage.

What exactly is a gas strut?

A gas strut is an object consisting of a cylinder with a piston. Nitrogen in the cylinder can is compressed which provides a resilient effect. There’s a valve in the piston ensuring that the movement stays damped. A gas spring can be very useful. In addition to heavy objects, you can also use them for light objects, for example, toy boxes, doors, beds, and many more. Are you unsure whether you are using the right gas spring? We will tell you more about our calculator tool.

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Find the right gas strut with the matching tool 

Calculate the right size for your gas strut with our calculator. You just need to fill in a few characteristics of the application and you directly see the dimensions. Elements that are important for the calculator are things such as the weight capacity, length, width and height. Also don’t forget to fill in the cover material and material of the gas spring, you can choose out of steel or 304. In most cases we recommend to order two gas springs, in this way the product is balanced.

Heavy door gas strut at Gasspringsshop is the number 1 in gas struts and mounting parts. We sell gas springs with different lengths, diameters, materials and forces. We have gas springs made of steel, but we also have stainless steel. When you want to mount the gas strut, you can select one of our mounting parts. Also, we are always happy to help. Take a look at our FAQ page or contact our customer service and tell us the problem. We can help you further then.