Gas strut for windows

A gas spring adds value by providing a controlled and smooth motion for opening and closing applications, enhancing both safety and usability. For example a gas strut is very helpful for windows. You can open a window in various ways. Think about sliding horizontally or vertically or a gas spring for awning windows. Anyways, if you’re looking for a gas strut for windows so you can open it in a flexible way, you’re at the right place at Gasspringsshop.

The perfect gas strut for windows 

It’s a very good choice to use a gas strut for windows. With the use of a gas strut you can safely open and close windows and it also works in an easier way. Besides knowing that it is necessary for the windows, you must purchase a gas spring of the correct size. The good news is that we have several tools in which you can calculate the perfect gas strut for windows.

Gas strut for windows or other applications?

We have already explained why you should use a gas strut for windows. But did you know that you are able to use gas springs for many other applications? You can apply gas springs for toy boxes, doors, beds, and more. A gas spring can be very useful. In addition to light objects, you can also use them for heavy objects.


Gas strut for awning window


How to calculate gas struts for windows?

At Gasspringsshop we have a few tools to find out which gas spring size you need. Maybe you already have a gas spring of a famous brand like Airax Rayflex or Suspa Liftline, then you only need to replace the gas strut for windows. But maybe you have new windows and you also need brand new gas struts. Then you can use our calculator by filling in the sizes of the application. Finally, you also have the opportunity to fill in the gas strut sizes in our configurator tool.

We help you to find gas strut for windows 

Is it difficult to find the perfect gas strut for windows? We can help you find the right gas strut size. If you have any other questions, you can either take a look at our FAQ where a lot of questions are already answered or you can send an email to [email protected].

Once you find the correct strut, you can put it in your basket and order it via our webshop. We do have a very broad range of struts and other accessories that will help to open and hold a window at a certain position. Orders might take up 1-3 days to deliver at your address. If your order does not meet your expectations, you can return it to us. If you have any further questions of when you are in need of any assistance, our staff will be happy to help you.