What size gas strut do I need?

Gas struts come in many different sizes and shapes, with different forces and mounting parts. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to find the correct gas struts for your application. To assist you in finding the right gas struts, we have developed different tools. Find out more about the sizes of gas struts on this page.  

6 details that determine the size of gas struts

When calculating the size of your gas strut, you will have to take into account the following details:

  1. The function of the gas strut: should it open without any assistance, assist or hold open. 
  2. The speed and frequency of movement.
  3. The dimensions of the application (width, thickness and length). 
  4. The position of the application (the direction of operation).
  5. The weight of the application and its centre of gravity.
  6. Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. 

how to determine size

The size of your gas strut

In order to find out what size gas strut you do need for your application, you can use the following guidelines. The length of the gas strut should be around 60% of the length of the lid, hatch or door. The position of the gas strut is determined by the length of the lid. The gas strut should be placed on the lid on 20% of the length. By following those guidelines, you will be able to close the lid, hatch or door in a proper way. 

Our tools

Gasspringshop.com has created the possibility to calculate the correct gas spring for your application. We have developed three tools that will assist you in finding the gas struts you need. 


When you do not know what kind of gas strut you will need for your application, you can make use of this tool. It will help you to calculate the force and size of the gas strut based on the specifics of your application.  


When you want to assemble a gas strut on your own, you can use the configurator. You select the specifications you want to apply on yourgas struts and choose the mounting parts for your gas spring. The configurator creates a matching product after which you can choose the right amount of force needed for your application. 

gas spring cross reference

 Replacement tool

When you want to replace your current gas strut, you can easily find one via our replacement tool. By entering the type or article number of the gas strut you want to replace, the tool will search our database. Which will result in finding a correct replacement for your gas struts. 

If you need any information or if you have any questions about the size of the gas strut you need. Please contact us by filling in the form. We will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.