Replacement for Vapsint AYS GD5 GD5 1120 500 300-5000N



Replacement gas spring for the Vapsint AYS GD5 GD5 1120 500 300-5000 Newton. Thread: M14. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.

Please note:
This replacement gas spring is 4mm shorter than the original gas spring. In general, this will not cause any problems.

Vapsint AYS GD5 GD5 1120 500

This gas spring has a cylinder diameter of 40 mm. The diameter of the rod totals 20 mm. The stroke is 500 millimeter long. The total length of this replacement gas spring is 1116 mm. Note: this is the total length between the rotation points of the two mounting parts. Without the mounting parts this gas spring is 1116 mm long (thread to thread). The force of this replacement is 300-5000 Newton. This is not an original gas spring produced by Vapsint, but it can replace a Vapsint gas spring. This a gas spring with the brand Stabilus Industry Line. Nevertheless, the dimensions and force are nearly equal.