Replacement for Vapsint ATS F50 B01 800 350 150-2500N



Replacement gas spring for the Vapsint ATS F50 B01 800 350 150-2500 Newton. The eye has a thickness of 10mm and a hole diameter of 8.1mm. Brand: Hahn.
This gas spring is also known as Brimotech 10520006.
Vapsint ATS F50 B01 800 350

The bore of the house of this replacement gas spring is 28 mm. The cross section of the rod is 14 mm. The stroke (the retracting part) has a length of 350 mm. In total, the length is 802 millimeter. This is the distance between the centers of the mounting parts. Without the mounting parts this gas spring is 748 mm long (thread to thread). This gas spring (ATS F50 B01 800 350) has a force of 150-2500 Newton. Attention: this is not an official Vapsint gas spring, but a replacement gas spring. This a gas spring with the brand Stabilus Industry Line. Nevertheless, the force and dimensions equal.