Replacement for Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 086665 2800N



Replacement gas spring for the Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 086665 2800N. The eye has a thickness of 14mm and a hole diameter of 14.1mm. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.

Please note:
The diameter of the tube of this replacement gas spring is 40mm instead of 42mm.
This gas spring is also known as CA086665.
Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 086665

The diameter of the black cylinder of this gas spring is 40 millimeter. The diameter of the rod totals 20 mm. The rod (the chrome part) is 200 mm long. In total, the length is 600 millimeter. Keep in mind that this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. Without the mounting parts this gas spring is 516 mm long (thread to thread). The force of this replacement gas spring is 2800 Newton. This is not an official Stabilus Lift-O-Mat gas spring, but a so called replacement. This replacement gas spring is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. Nevertheless, the dimensions and force are almost equal.