Replacement for Bansbach A1N1-50-075-235–0XX 50-800N



Replacement gas spring for the Bansbach A1N1-50-075-235--0XX 50-800 Newton. The eye has a thickness of 10mm and a hole diameter of 8.1mm. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.

Please note:
The diameter of the tube of this replacement gas spring is 19mm instead of 18mm.
This gas spring is also known as Winco Easylift A1N1-50-075-235, A1N1 F50-075-235--0XX.
Bansbach A1N1-50-075-235--0XX

The bore of the house of this replacement gas spring is 19 mm. The cross section of the rod is 8 mm. The chrome part is called the rod. It has a length of 80 mm. The total length of this replacement is exactly 237 mm. Attention: this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. The length from thread to thread (wihout mounting parts) is 205 mm. This replacement gas spring has a force of 50-800 Newton. Attention: this is not an official Bansbach gas spring, but a replacement gas spring. This is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. Nevertheless, the force and dimensions almost entirely equal.