How to find the part number of your Stabilus Lift-O-Mat Gas Spring

Want to buy a Stabilus Lift-O-Mat replacement? Then you need to find the part number of your Stabilus Lift-O-Mat gas spring. But where can you find the part number?

On a Stabilus Lift-O-Mat you can find interesting information, like the part number, the amount of force and the manufacturer (D-56070).

What does Stabilus D-56070 mean?

D-56070 Koblenz (or D56070 Koblenz) are address details of the company Stabilus (supplier). 56070 is the postal code of Koblenz. These data are not relevant when looking for a replacement Stabilus gas spring.

Where to find the part number?

Below the postal code you will find the part number. You can use this part number to find a replacement on In this case the part number is 1975FE. A part number always consists of 6 characters.

Where can I find the force?

Next to the part number you’ll find 4 digits with the letter N behind it (e.g. 0800N or 0350N). This indicates the amount of force (in Newton). When buying a replacement, make sure the amount of force is the same. Otherwise the gas spring will not function the way it should.

How to find a replacement?

That’s easy. Just type in the part number (for instance: 1975FE) in the search bar on or go to this page. If there is a match, you can order and install the gas spring within a few seconds.

If the serial number or Newton number is no longer on the gas spring or if it cannot be read, we recommend that you recalculate the gas spring using the Calculation Tool.

This allows you to easily and quickly design your own gas spring application and order the gas springs directly (delivery within 1-3 working days). It is best to recalculate the gas springs all over again, including the dimensions of the gas springs and the attachments. If you can’t figure it out yourself or if you still want to have your design checked, please feel free to contact us.