Stabilus catalog

Gasspringshop is an online webshop with a broad range of gas springs available for your applications. Take a look at our Stabilus catalog for more information and details on the gas springs we provide.

Stabilus gas springs

Gas springs are hydropneumatic elements that can be adjusted in force. Therefore, they form a practical solution for opening, lowering, closing and lifting objects, like trap doors and caravan beds. In many industries gas springs are being used. The gas springs consist of a piston rod, a piston housing, seals and a valve. This valve is charged with a non-flammable, non- toxic gas. This makes it possible to work with gas springs in a safe way. The amount of gas inside the valve determines the force of the gas spring.

Stabilus catalog

Our stabilus catalog offers an overview of all gas springs available of the brand Stabilus. We do offer those in our webshop. Besides,  we do offer gas springs that have the same specifications as those in the catalog. offers gas springs from our partner HAHN Gasfedern. This German company manufactures gas springs for applications in many different industries. They strive for quality and reliability as they only use materials that guarantee a long lifetime. Therefore, gas springs are a sustainable investment for all of your applications.

Replacement tool

When you need a replacement for your broken Stabilus gas springs, you can easily find one via our webshop. Especially when you make use of one of our own developed tools, you can find one within seconds. When you enter the article number of your current gas spring, the tool will search through our database in order to find a proper replacement. It will automatically deliver a proper match for your current gas spring.

Configurator tool

However, it might be possible that our catalog does not provide a replacement with the exact same requirementents as your current Stabilus gas spring. Even then, there is no need to worry. We do have a configurator that will help you to assemble a whole new gas spring. You can fill in all of the details of your current gas spring and assemble an exact copy of your Stabilus gas spring which we will manufacture for you immediately!

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you! For more information please contact us via phone or email.