Stabilus gas spring

Looking for a Stabilus gas spring? They are suitable for customers who want high quality and are searching for individual solutions and fast and agile development processes. All products of Stabilus are produced, developed and supplied in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Want to know more about the Stabilus Gas springs? Read further.

Stabilus gas springs

There are different types of Stabilus gas springs. One of the most commonly used gas springs are the Stabilus Lift-o-mat. We regularly come across them in hatches, valve cabinets or lifting systems for example kitchen cabinets or even toy boxes. These gas springs are able to raise and lower but cannot lock in one position. This is different from lockable gas struts: the Block-o-lift gas springs.

How do these gas springs work?

The Stabilus gas springs are a perfect solution for customers that are searching for small series of single units. These gas springs are hydro pneumatic, closed and have maintenance-free adjustable elements. The spring force results from the internal pressure in the cylinder. The pressure is generated by the filling medium nitrogen. The pressure on the gas spring is applied to the cross section of the piston rod. It is always extended if there isn’t load applied.

If you push in the piston rod, the volume will be reduced and the gas compresses. Then the gas spring force increases depending on the diameter and volume of the cylinder. The gas springs also contain an oil filling for end damping and lubrication.

Replace your current Stabilus gas spring

Is your current gas spring worn out and would you like to get a replacing gas spring? That’s possible. If you don’t exactly know which gas strut you need, you just have to fill in the indicated number on your gas spring in our replacement tool. Our replacement tool will give you the right replacement gas spring. No complicated looking for the right gas spring. Gasspringsshop always searches for simple solutions.

Would you like to configure your individual Stabilus gas spring? Ofcourse you’re able to do that with our application. You just have to enter the measured values in our calculation tool. Then, you will see a preview of what the application will look like. It doesn’t have to be difficult at all!

Want to know more?

Are you interested in our Stabilus gas springs or do you have any questions about our services? No problem. Just contact us and we’ll answer your questions. You could also take a look at our FAQ.