Replacement for Vapsint ATS F50 B01 300 100 150-2500N



Replacement gas spring for the Vapsint ATS F50 B01 300 100 150-2500 Newton. The eye has a thickness of 10mm and a hole diameter of 8.1mm. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.
This gas spring is also known as Brimotech 10520001.
Vapsint ATS F50 B01 300 100

This gas spring has a cylinder diameter of 28 mm. The rod has a diameter of 14 mm. The stroke of the gas spring is 100 millimeter. The total length of this replacement is 302 millimeter. Keep in mind that this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. The length from thread to thread (wihout mounting parts) is 248 mm. The force of this replacement is 150-2500 Newton. This is not an original gas spring produced by Vapsint, but it can replace a Vapsint gas spring. This replacement gas spring is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. The gas spring can be used without problems as a replacement, because the dimensions and force equal.