Replacement for Suspa Liftline 01625021 50-675N



Replacement gas spring for the Suspa Liftline 01625021 50-675 Newton. This fits a (possibly already present) ball with a diameter of 10mm. A corresponding ball is included. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.
This gas spring is also known as 16-2 016 25021, 16-2-240-207,5-A246-B246.
Suspa Liftline 01625021
elbow ball removal

The diameter of the cylinder of this gas spring is 19 mm. The rod has a diameter of 8 mm. The stroke of the gas spring is 200 millimeter. In total, the length is 485 millimeter. Attention: this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. The distance from thread to thread (without mounting parts) is 445 mm. The force of this replacement is 50-675 Newton. This is not an original gas spring from Suspa Liftline, but a so called replacement gas spring. This gas spring was produced by Stabilus subsidiary Hahn with the brand Stabilus Industry Line. Nevertheless, the dimensions and force are equal.