Replacement for Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 2656NT 0300N



Replacement gas spring for the Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 2656NT 0300N. This fits a (possibly already present) ball with a diameter of 10mm. A corresponding ball is included. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.
This gas spring is also known as CA2656NT.
Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 2656NT
elbow ball removal

This gas spring has a cylinder diameter of 19 mm. The diameter of the rod is 8 millimeter. The stroke is 220 millimeter long. The total length of this replacement gas spring is 525 mm. Attention: this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. The length from thread to thread (wihout mounting parts) is 485 mm. This replacement gas spring has a force of 300 Newton. This gas spring can replace a Stabilus Lift-O-Mat gas spring, but is not an orignal Stabilus Lift-O-Mat one. This is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. The force (300 N) and dimensions are identical to the original.