Looking for heavy duty gas struts for doors?

Are you looking for some heavy duty gas struts for doors? Don’t look any further. At www.Gasspringsshop.com we’ve got all kinds of gas struts. Just take a look at our page and find all different sizes. Do you want to know more about the gas struts? Then read on quickly.

Ideal heavy duty gas struts for doors

We have a lot of different gas struts for doors. The average gas struts are around 4-12, 6-15, or 8-19. This means that the rod is around 4 millimeters thick and the black casing around 12 millimeters. However, we also have gas struts available size 20-40. These gas struts are very large. They are specifically designed to lift heavier objects or to open heavy hatches. These gas struts are ideal for heavy duty.

How do you know which size gas strut you need for your door?

We can only imagine that you don’t exactly know which size gas strut you need for your door(s). Luckily you can find out in less than 10 minutes. You just have to fill in the measurements of the door in our calculator. Afterwards you’ll get to see a whole simulation of what the gas strut will look like. It doesn’t have to be that difficult! You’ll have the heavy duty gas struts for your doors in a whimp!

Replace the gas struts of your doors

If you just want to replace your current gas struts, that’s also possible. The only thing you have to do to find the right replacement is to fill in the article numbers of the current gas struts. You can fill them in for different brands such as: Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Suspa Liftline, Bansbach and many more. Once you fill in the article number, a replacing gas strut appears. You’ll know exactly which duty gas strut you’ll need for your door.

If we can’t find a replacement for your gas strut, you can also configure a simular gas spring in our configurator.

Need help with your gas struts?

Still have questions regarding the sizes of the gas struts? No problem, we are happy to help you find the right heavy duty gas struts for your doors. Please contact our customer service and let us know what the dimensions are. For more information take a look at our FAQ.