Gas strut for cabinet door

Do you usually assemble your own cabinets or do you want to repair your cabinet door? If so, we have the right solution for you. Have you already thought about a gas strut for your cabinet door? Probably not. But we can guarantee that it is very helpful. Want to know more about gas springs? Read on then.

What is a gas strut?

A gas strut is an object consisting of a cylinder with a piston. Nitrogen in the cylinder can is compressed which provides a resilient effect. There’s a valve in the piston ensuring that the movement stays damped. A gas spring can be very useful. You can use them for a lot of applications, for example, toy boxes, doors, beds, and many more. Are you doubting about the right gas strut? You can contact us or use our tool to calculate the right size.

How can you use a gas strut for your cabinet door?

We can imagine that you prefer a cupboard with a door that opens as easy as possible. With the help of our gas springs you can easily fix this. In addition, it is also very simple to place a gas spring on your cabinet door. Are you unsure about installing the gas spring? No problem. You’ll find an assembly drawing after filling in the measurements right here. Installing a gas strut for your cabinet door doesn’t have to be difficult at all!

Replace your current gas strut

Do you already have a gas strut on your cabinet door, but in need of replacement? We can help. Using the calculator on our website you can easily find out which gas spring you need. In only 4 steps, you’ll have the right gas spring.

  • Entry of the data
  • The calculation
  • Adjustments
  • Ordering and assembly

Still having trouble? Watch our instruction video.

More info?

Are you convinced of a gas strut for your cabinet door? Find our gas springs right here, we’ve got them in different sizes. Also, we’ve got mounting parts.

Looking for a specific tool but can’t find it? Give us a ring. We are happy to help you out.