Gas springs Manitoba

Gas springs help to make everyday life easier. They do so by supporting lowering, lifting, opening and closing heavy applications such as doors, windows, lids and trailers. offers gas springs in different sizes and dimensions in the state of Manitoba. 

Replacement of broken gas springs

When a gas spring is broken, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible in order to keep on assuring safety and security. If gas springs fail to function properly, dangerous situations might occur. To prevent this from happening, you should maintain your gas springs on a regular basis and replace them in time. 

Gas springs in Manitoba

Currently, Allegis Corporation and LS Technologies Canada are main manufacturers of gas springs in the state of Manitoba. offers an extensive range of gas springs and mounting parts made out of the best quality for profitable prices! Moreover, when ordering via our webshop, you can expect your package within 1-3 working days. We distribute our products throughout all of the USA, including states as New York, Alabama and Manitoba. 

Tools has developed unique tools that you can use in order to find the correct gas springs for all of your applications. We have three different tools available: the calculator, the configurator and the replacement tool. The calculator calculates the amount of gas that is necessary to let the spring function properly. The configuration tool helps you to assemble a gas spring of your own. By filling in all of the necessary information, the tool will configure a customized gas spring. The replacement tool helps you to find a replacement for your broken or damaged gas spring. By filling in the article number, the tool will find automatically a gas spring that matches the broken one. 

If you need any help ordering your gas springs or if you need any assistance by using our tools, you can easily contact us. Our staff would be happy to help you any further!