Gas struts Alabama has a broad range of gas springs available in Alabama. We deliver our gas springs directly from stock. Next to our standard range of gas struts, we also deliver customized gas struts. You can assemble those gas struts via one of our tools. Create your gas struts now online!  

Determine the size of your gas strut

In order to calculate the size of the gas struts you will need, you will have to consider certain details. First, analyze the function of the gas strut, determine the speed and frequency of movement, calculate the dimensions, position and the weight of the application. Also take into account the environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. The length of the gas strus should be around 60% of the length of the lid, hatch or door. The position of the gas strut is determined by the length of the lid. The gas strut should be placed on the lid on 20% of the length. By following those guidelines, the size of the strut can be determined. 

Delivering gas struts in Alabama

Currently, gas springs are mainly delivered by companies as Allegis Corporation, AVM Industries, Bansbach Easylift, Gateway Sales Corporation and LS Technologies Canada Inc. If you want to buy a gas spring of quality you better choose to buy one at We deliver our products throughout the whole USA, including the state of Alabama. By buying a gas strut from, you pay a decent price for the highest quality of gas struts. All of our struts are made of (stainless) steel and have a very long lifespan. Therefore, purchasing via our webshop is a very efficient and sustainable investment. 

Our service

Ordering gas struts via our webshop can be done fairly easily. pWe do maintain a fast delivery and promise you full satisfaction. However, if you have complaints and you are not happy with your, you can return it. Return your order by filling in returning form. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us