Springlift gas springs

Do you need a replacement for your weary, broken or corrosive gas springs? Find yours easily in our webshop! Make use of our replacement tool that will search our database in order to find a matching spring for your Springlift gas spring. 

Why your gas spring is damaged…

Frequent use of the gas spring causes wear and gas springs fail to work in a proper manner. Broken gas springs that fail to work can cause dangerous situations which may lead to injury. Springlift springs might be damaged because of dirt that has collected on the piston rod over time. Next to that, it could be possible that corrosion or fatigue is the culprit. Also, gradual loss of pressure can cause gas springs to be unable to support the heavy load, causing them to drop down suddenly. 

Replacement tool

Replacement of a broken gas spring is very important. Luckily, with the help of our tool you can easily find a proper replacement for your Springlift gas springs. When entering the article number of the Springlift gas spring, the tool will search our database for a matching gas spring for your application. If the tool cannot find a replacement for your Springlift, you can customize one as well via our configurator. With that, we are able to guarantee that you always will find a gas spring that can replace your old one! 

Our customized gas springs

Our gas springs are from the renowned brand Hahn Gasfedern. This company supplies gas springs for different purposes that are applicable in the medical, chemical and food industries.The gas springs are manufactured in high-quality (stainless) steel that is resistant to chemicals, corrosion and water. Therefore they can be used for countless applications.  

A good service

At Gasspringshop we find it very important to assist you in a proper way. We deliver your order directly from our stock. Therefore, we can deliver your shipment within 1-2 working days. When your order does not meet your expectations, you can easily return it by filling in the returns form. When you need any advice about replacing your gas spring or when you need assistance in using one of our tools, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff would be happy to help you.