Replacement for Stobo 4100006- 50N



Replacement gas spring for the Stobo 4100006- 50 Newton. The eye has a thickness of 3mm and a hole diameter of 6.1mm. Brand: Hahn.

Please note:
The eye with the thickness of 3mm of this replacement gas spring can be shorter than the original. Note that this part of the eye doesn't get in the way.

Stobo 4100006-

The diameter of the cylinder of this gas spring is 15 millimeters. The diameter of the rod totals 6 mm. The stroke of the gas spring is 40 millimeter. In total, the length is 144 millimeter. Attention: this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. Without the mounting parts this gas spring is 112 mm long (thread to thread). This replacement gas spring (4100006-) has a force of 50 Newton (N). This is not an original gas spring from Stobo, but a so called replacement gas spring. This is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. The force (50 N) and dimensions are almost entirely identical to the original.