Replacement for AL-KO 280.421 125N



Replacement gas spring for the AL-KO 280.421 125 Newton. Thread: M5. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.

AL-KO 280.421

The bore of the house of this replacement gas spring is 15 mm. The cross section of the rod is 6 mm. The chrome part is called the rod. It has a length of 150 mm. In total, the length is 332 millimeter. Attention: this is the length between the centers of the mounting parts. The length from thread to thread (exlcuding the mounting parts) is 332 millimeter. This replacement gas spring has a force of 125 Newton. This is not an original gas spring produced by AL-KO, but it can replace a AL-KO gas spring. This gas spring was produced by Stabilus subsidiary Hahn with the brand Stabilus Industry Line. The force (125 N) and dimensions are identical to the original.