Replacement for AL-KO 280.407 75N



Replacement gas spring for the AL-KO 280.407 75 Newton. Thread: M5. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.

AL-KO 280.407

The bore of the house of this replacement gas spring is 15 mm. The rod has a diameter of 6 mm. The rod (the chrome part) is 150 mm long. The total length of this replacement gas spring is 332 mm. Note: this is the total length between the rotation points of the two mounting parts. The distance from thread to thread (without mounting parts) is 332 mm. The force of this replacement gas spring is 75 Newton. This is not an original gas spring produced by AL-KO, but it can replace a AL-KO gas spring. This is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. The force (75 N) and dimensions are identical to the original.