Replacement for Airax Rayflex 6856345602002 200N



Replacement gas spring for the Airax Rayflex 6856345602002 200 Newton. This fits a (possibly already present) ball with a diameter of 10mm. A corresponding ball is included. Brand: Stabilus Industry Line.
This gas spring is also known as 563456-CRR 200N, 50006856345602002, 6856345602002.00.
Airax Rayflex 6856345602002
elbow ball removal

The diameter of the cylinder of this gas spring is 15 mm. The diameter of the rod totals 6 mm. The stroke of the gas spring is 40 millimeter. The total length of this replacement gas spring is 156 mm. This is the distance between the centers of the mounting parts. The distance from thread to thread (without mounting parts) is 112 mm. This replacement gas spring has a force of 200 Newton. Attention: this is not an official Airax Rayflex gas spring, but a replacement gas spring. This is a Stabilus Industry Line gas spring. The force (200 N) and dimensions are identical to the original.