Heavy duty gas strut hinge

Looking for a heavy duty gas strut hinge? You don’t have to look any further. Gasspringsshop.com has a wide variety of gas springs, accessories and tools for your heavy duty. Want to know more? Read further.

Heavy duty gas strut hinge

Gasspringsshop has the ideal gas strut hinge for your mounted gas spring. Working with heavy duty requires the right materials and tools. If you don’t know what sizes you need, you can easily calculate it through our calculator tool. This tool shows the exact size and measurements. It also gives you an animated example of how it will work and what it looks like. You will never work with the wrong sized heavy duty gas strut hinge(s).

How to place the heavy duty gas strut hinge

If you want to place a gas strut hinge, it’s the best to place it in line with each mounted gas spring. The reaction force which comes from the gas strut, can be led through the hinge to any non moving part.

If the hinge isn’t placed in line with a gas spring, it will call on the local strength or the hatch will lead the reaction force. This will happen via a transverse movement, still through the hinge to the mounting point. The best solution is to place the hinge(s) symmetrically to the mounted gas struts. In this way you’ll prevent uneven loads on the hinge(s).

It won’t be a problem if the hatch has sufficient stiffness. But when the edge of the cover has been structured as a frame. It could be an issue that demands attention.

Searching for the perfect gas spring?

Are you looking for a gas spring? We have all kinds of different gas springs. Also very suitable for heavy duty. Do you want to replace your current gas springs because they’re worn out? No problem! You just need to search for the number that’s indicated on your gas spring and fill it in on our replacement tool. Afterwards it will immediately show you the replacing gas spring you need.

More info on our gas struts?

Would you like to know more about our heavy duty gas hinge or gas springs? That’s alright! Just contact us or take a loot at our FAQ.