Gas struts Ohio is an online webshop in gas springs. We have a broad range of different gas springs available in stock. Whether you are looking for a gas spring for a hatch, lid, cabinet, trunk or trailer; we do have gas springs that are suitable for any application! 

Gas struts

Gas springs are hydropneumatic adjustment elements that can be used for multiple purposes. They are meant to support (heavy) lifting, opening and closing applications. Gas springs are also known as gas springs, gas pressure springs or gas dampers. They form a practical solution when, for example, heavy doors or windows need to stay open in a certain position or when a tailgate or hatch needs to be lifted. A gas strut consists of different components. They have a piston housing, piston rod and seals. As the gas strut is filled with nitrogen gas, they should be handed very carefully. This gas is delivered at a high pressure in order to lift applications. The amount of gas determines the force and strength of the gas strut. This can be adjusted anytime. Besides, gas springs are installed fairly quickly and simply. The design of the gas struts is compact and very user-friendly therefore is a very effective tool. 

Our tools has developed three different tools that will assist you in finding a proper spring for your application. Our calculator will help you to calculate the correct gas spring for your application. Decide what kind of gas spring you want and fill in all the necessary data. Based on this data, the calculator will create a proper gas strut for your specific purposes. Our configurator assists you by assembling your own gas strut. Customize your own gas strut by selecting materials, diameters, length, mounting parts and force. Finally, our replacement tool will help you to find a proper replacement for your current gas spring. We deliver replacements of brands such as Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat and Suspa Liftline gas springs.  

Find your gas struts in Ohio

There are many companies active in the gas strut industry. Main suppliers in Ohio are ACE Controls INC., CounterBalance Corporation, DADCO, Guden, JWF Technologies, Kaller gas springs, Moore industrial hardware and SUSPA incorporated. We can now also be added to this list, as Gas spring shop delivers products throughout the whole USA. Therefore, also in Ohio we deliver our goods. You can easily order your gas springs online. If you have any trouble finding the correct gas strut, you can contact our customer service anytime.