Gas struts Florida

Welcome to! Our online webshop in gas struts are suited for all kinds of purposes. Our gamma in gas struts is very broad. Besides, we deliver directly from stock and ship your order within one working day. Moreover, we offer a unique program in which you can customize your own gas struts. Find out more about this tool on this page. 

What is a gas strut? 

Gas struts are hydropneumatic adjustment elements. They are also known as gas dampers, gas pressure springs or, simply, gas springs. Gas struts form a practical solution as they support heavy lifting and assist in opening and closing applications. Gas struts are used for, for example, doors, trailers, valves, hatches, boxes, windows and tailgates. All gas struts consist of different components; a piston housing, piston rod and seals. The spring is filled with nitrogen to create a counterforce at a very high pressure. 

Gas struts in Florida

Gas struts are provided by Bansbach Easylift, Gateway Sales Corporation and AVM Industries. Those companies are well known for their high quality products. However, we are available in the state of Flordia as well! is an online webshop that operates in Europe and the USA. We have been active in this industry for several years now and our experience gives us the opportunity to offer you gas struts of excellent quality. We have partnered with HAHN Gasfedern. A German company that delivers reliable and safe gas struts. All of those gas struts are approved according to governmental regulations and guidelines. We deliver our gas springs throughout all of the United States; whether you need a gas strut in Florida or in Texas, we deliver them to your door! 

Customize your gas struts 

Via you can easily use one of our tools in order to customize your gas struts. The tools will help you to find the perfect one for your application. When you do not know what kind of gas strut you will need for your application, you can use our calculator. It will assist you by calculating the correct gas spring for your application. All you need to do is fill in the required data of the gas spring you would like to have. The calculator calculates the amount of pressure the strut will need to have. Next to that, we have a configurator. This application assists you customizing your own gas strut. By selecting the materials, diameters, length, mounting parts and force of the gas strut you would like to order, the configurator creates a correct spring for you. Finally, the replacement tool helps you to find a replacement for your damaged gas strut. We provide replacements of the following brands: Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat and Suspa Liftline gas springs.  

If you need any further information or assistance when ordering a gas strut in Florida, you can contact us. We are happy to help you find a suitable gas strut.