Gas struts for windows

Are you looking for gas struts fitting your window application? You may be looking to replace a current gas strut or are working on a new application. Either way, we have the measures you need to provide your window of gas struts which will last you decades. Here at Gasspringsshop, we offer professional-grade gas struts designed in Germany and manufactured in the USA.

In our store, you will find steel and stainless steel gas struts including the complementary mounting parts. Below I will guide you through the process of finding a replacement as well as a completely new gas strut. Correct functioning is assured by our free-to-use calculator tools. Read more below.

gas strut window

Replacing window gas struts

Over time old gas struts can start to lose their ability to lift, it is time to replace your struts. When looking to replace the gas struts on your window you will have two options. Option one is to take all the available metrics regarding your current gas strut and use this information to find a matching replacement. You can manually look up a replacement by navigating to products in the header part of our website.

Another option is to use our replacement tool. This online tool allows you to fill in (a part of) the article number, after which suggestions will pop up. Simply click the suggested gas strut for your window application, verify and add to your cart. Try out our gas strut replacement tool here.

Installing a new gas strut window application

In case you are working on a new gas strut window application we advise you to make detailed calculations. In many cases, gas struts provide a safety barrier between the object and the user. Therefore it is important to install the correct gas struts supporting the object in a safe manner. Back in the day, we were left to the mercy of an excel sheet when it comes to ensuring a correct installment, this is in the past.

We have worked hard on developing a free-to-use online tool for calculating gas strut applications. The result is a tool with an interactive interface allowing you to fill in all the important metrics while showing you live changes. While working with this tool you are able to enter information about the application like dimensions, weight, environment temperature, open/closed angle, and many more. Followed by the possibility to check and simulate your application. Once all checks out the tool will provide you with the correct gas struts including the exact force needed in newton for your application. Try out our calculator tool here.

Configure a gas strut – professionals only

Are you familiar in the realm of gas struts? Then our third tool has the ability to become your favorite. Our configurator tool allows you to customize gas struts for your windows fully. Within the interactive interface, you are able to manually select mounting parts, gas struts, materials, and the force needed in newton. Customize gas struts to your needs here.

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