Gas springs USA

Welcome to Do you need a gas spring for your application? Find yours in our webshop! We are the number one in gas springs in the USA. Next to gas springs, we also deliver mounting parts. On this page we provide more information about our range and services!  

Gas springs in our society

Gas springs, or gas struts, form a practical solution in our society. Gas springs are hydropneumatic adjustment elements that support heavy lifting, opening and closing heavy applications. Applications like windows and doors can be held open in a certain position with the help of a gas spring. Besides, they can be used for many different applications. Gas struts can be installed in boxes, trailers, valves, hatches and kitchen cabinets. Installing gas springs is an easy job as they are designed in a compact and very user friendly way. Anyone can work with our gas springs in an efficient way! 

Our range of products has a broad range of products. We do offer gas springs with different lengths, diameters, materials and forces. Most of our gas springs are made of steel, but you can also choose stainless steel for your spring. You can select one of our mounting parts. We do have elbows, brackets, eyes and bearing shoes. Choose the right mounting part for your application. We partnered up with HAHN gasfedern; a German manufacturer of gas struts. Those gas springs are all approved according to governmental regulations and guidelines. We deliver our gas springs throughout all of the United States; Ohio, Texas, Florida, we deliver your order within 1-2 working days! 

Our tools

We have developed three different unique tools that can assist you in finding the correct gas spring for your application. The calculator, configurator and replacement search function will help you to customize your own gas spring or to find a replacement for your damaged gas struts. We provide, amongst others, replacements of the following brands: Bansbach, Airax Rayflex, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat and Suspa Liftline gas springs.  

Gas springs in the USA is active in Europe and the USA. We deliver gas springs throughout the whole USA. After you placed your order, we will immediately ship them directly to you. Within a range of 1-2 working days, you will receive your order. If you are not happy with your order, you can return your products by following the returning instructions. If you need any further information, please contact us! Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding the correct gas spring for your application.