Gas springs Montana

Finding a gas spring for your application might be difficult as there are so many available options. Main manufacturers of gas springs in Montana are Allegis Corporation, American Gas Springs and LS Technologies Canada. offers gas springs in Montana that are compact and user-friendly for a profitable price! 

What are gas springs? 

Gas springs are adjustable elements that are very convenient in everyday life as they do assist us in opening, lowering, lifting and closing heavy applications. They are made out of a piston housing, piston rod and seals. By adjusting the amount of gas in the valve, the amount of pressure can be changed. 

Find a gas spring in Montana

When you want to order gas springs, it is very important to take the following details into consideration. First of all, you should determine the function of the spring. Is it meant to open or close a window or does it need to lift a heavy lid? Secondly, the speed and frequency of the movement should be taken into account. The width, thickness and length of the application should be measured. Then, the position of the application and the direction of operation should be determined. Finally, the weight of the application has to be weighed.  

Gas springs and their surroundings

The environmental factors have a great impact on the functioning of gas springs. Weather circumstances and temperature are important to be taken into account. Temperatures that are too high or too low do influence the functioning of the gas spring. Also, rain and snow may cause damage to your gas springs. Corrosion, rust and the collection of dirt are common problems. It is important to buy gas springs that are made of stainless steel when gas springs are exposed to extreme weather conditions.  

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