Gas springs Delaware

Are you living in Delaware and are you looking for a new gas spring? Find yours easily via We are the main supplier of gas springs and mounting parts in all of the USA. We do deliver orders fast and secure. Find your gas spring now in our webshop or assemble one of your own. 

Replace your gas spring

Gas springs are convenient tools in order to support heavy lifting, opening and closing of different applications such as doors, windows, valves and hatches. If gas springs fail to function properly, it may cause dangerous situations. Therefore, we do strongly recommend maintaining your gas springs properly and to replace your broken gas springs in time

Configure, calculate or find your replacement

In order to assist you in finding a proper gas spring we have created different tools which you can find on our website. Use the configuration tool when you know a little what you need. If you have no idea which gas spring you need, view the instruction video and use our calculator. By filling in the details of your application, the tool calculates a suitable gas spring for your application. When you simply want to find a replacement for your current gas spring, you can use the  replacement tool. All you need to do is fill in the article number of your current gas spring and the tool will find a replacement for yours. 

Gas springs in Delaware provides gas springs globally. We do operate in Europe and all of the USA. We also cover the state of Delaware. Currently, JWF Technologies, Moore Industrial Hardware, Precision Punch & Tooling and STABILUS are the main suppliers of gas springs. However, placing an order via our website will give you the guarantee that you purchase a gas spring of the highest quality for a decent price. Our gas springs are manufactured by HAHN Gasfedern, a well-known manufacturer that only delivers high-end gas springs. Besides, we do provide a warranty on all of our products.

If you do have any questions regarding replacing your gas spring or if you need any assistance in using our tools, please contact us!