Find the right gas strut with the gas spring animation

Would you like to know which gas spring you need? You can easily calculate your gas spring via our website. Afterwards you will directly see a gas spring animation showing you exactly how the gas spring works. Want to know more? Read further.

Calculate your gas spring

If you do not immediately know which gas spring you need, you are able to calculate the gas spring with our calculator tool. The only thing you need for the tool to calculate are the measurements of your current gas spring. Also you will be shown different images with a gas spring animation. This gives you the opportunity to check and simulate.

The gas spring animation

If you click on the ‘Graph’ button showing at our calculation tool, you will see a graph with the forces and moments that play in the application if the cover is held in different angles. If you want the simulation to show you the position of the cover and the gas strut when the cover is open, you have to check the box: ‘show opened’. Surely you can also see the graph with the cover closed.

You can also see a blue arrow showing at the end of the cover. The arrow shows the force you gave to press with your hand(s) to close the cover. There is probably something wrong if the arrow points in the direction of opening. This means that the cover will not remain open on its own. In this case the gas spring is probably too light for the cover.

Customize your own gas spring

If you calculated the gas spring, you can now customize your gas spring. First, you have to choose which gas spring material you need. The standard choice is steel. In the menu above, for the gas spring you can also choose stainless steel 304. Now you can select a gas spring. The drop down menu shows different gas springs, indicated by 8-19-150 and more. After selecting a gas spring, the right mounting parts will show. Click on the 360 ​​degrees or 2D logo to view more details of the chosen products. Our gas spring animation will show you a 360 view of the gas spring.

More information?

Would you like to know more about gas springs or do you have questions about the gas spring animation? Just contact us or take a look at our FAQ. We take our time to answer all of your questions.

Do you want to replace your current gas spring? Easily do this with our replacement tool.