I cannot push the gas spring by hand. Is the gas spring broken?

The gas spring is probably not broken. The extension force of the gas strut is 500N, it states this on the label, and it means 500 Newton. In kilogrammes, this is about 500/10 = 50kg. To compress the gas spring requires even more force, because of the friction of the seal that keeps the nitrogen gas in the gas strut. The gas spring should still be able to be pushed in by hand up to about 100N, above that, then it becomes very difficult and you may damage the gas spring. Therefore to compress the gas spring for the first time, its probably better to mount it in the application, this way the cover or hatch then acts as a lever, making it easier to push by hand.

If this fails! Then it maybe one of the following:

  • If a gas spring has been lying in stock for a while, the seal with which the nitrogen gas is kept inside can stick to the rod of the gas spring, when this sticking effect occurs stronger forces are required to compress the rod. You will need to remove the gas strut and use stronger equipment.
  • The gas spring could also have been selected too strong. Verify that you have selected the correct extension force with your order.

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