Configurator: customize your own gas strut

Configure your gas spring (also known as gas strut) with our gas spring configurator. You will find a more detailed explanation of how you can best use the configurator below. Do you not yet know which gas spring to use for your application? Then go to our calculation tool.

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How does our gas spring configurator work?

1) Select material

Choose the material of the gas spring. The standard choice is steel. In the menu above, for the gas spring you can also choose stainless steel 304.

2) Select gas spring

Then select a gas spring with the drop down menu in the middle. Gas springs are indicated by, for example, 8-19-150. This stands for a gas spring with a rod diameter of 8mm, a cylinder diameter of 19mm and a stroke of 150mm. Make sure that the total length of the gas spring (the size in mm) and the stroke are close to what you are looking for.

3) Select mounting parts

As soon as you have selected a gas spring, all the appropriate mounting parts from our stock become visible. You can select this at mounting tube side and mounting rod side. Click on the 360 ​​degrees or 2D logo to view more details of the chosen products.

4) Check overall configuration

Check in the figure whether the length of the total configuration matches what you are looking for. You can slide the gas spring in with the mouse or your finger to see the measurements with a (partially) pushed in gas spring. If the length is not correct, try to achieve a better match by either changing the gas spring or the mounting parts, or both.

5) Select force and number

If everything is to your liking, select a force and a number of gas springs you wish to order. Is the force you are looking for lower than stated in the list? Then choose a gas spring with the same stroke and a smaller rod diameter. Is the force that you are looking for higher than found in the force list? Then choose a gas spring with a larger rod diameter. Volume discounts from 6 pieces are stated immediately after you have entered the number.

6) Click on In shopping cart. to add the products to your shopping cart