Gas springs Minnesota

It can be quite a challenge in order to find the correct gas spring for your applications. would like to assist you in finding the perfect gas spring!

What is a gas spring?

A gas spring is a hydropneumatic element designed to support lifting, opening and closing applications. They can be used for windows and doors, trailers and tailgates. With the help of a proper gas spring, those kinds of applications can be opened and closed automatically. The amount of gas and the size of your gas spring determines the functioning of the gas spring.

What size gas spring should I purchase?

There are certain guidelines which you can use in order to find the correct size of your gas spring. The length of the spring should be around 60% of the length of the lid, door or hatch. The position of the spring is determined by this length of the lid. The spring should be placed on 20% of the lid. The lid can now open and close in a proper way. 

Take into consideration the following details regarding your gas spring:

  1. The function of the gas spring.
  2. The speed and frequency of movement.
  3. The width, thickness and length of the application.
  4. The position of the application and the direction in which it operates.
  5. The weight of the application.
  6. The temperature of the environment. 

Gas springs in Minnesota

Allegis Corporation and LS Technologies Canada are currently main suppliers of gas springs in Minnesota. If you want to order gas springs in Minnesota, you can easily do so via our webshop as well! offers you the best gas springs for a fair price! Our gas springs are manufactured in-house and can be customized in order to meet your needs. They can replace gas springs of different brands such as SUSPA, Stabilus and Rayflex. 

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