Gas springs Michigan

Broken gas springs can cause risky situations. Prevent yourself from injuries and replace them in time. Do you want to know how? Make use of our tools and replace your gas spring fast and easy! 

Gas springs in Michigan

Main suppliers of gas springs in the state of Michigan currently are ACE Controls, DADCO, Hibshman Screw Machine Products, Industrial Gas Springs, JWF Technologies, Kaller Gas Springs, Liftomatic Material Handling, Moore Industrial Hardware, Orr & Orr, Pascal Engineering and SUSPA Incorporated. now offers high quality gas springs in Michigan as well. Our stainless steel gas springs are produced by Hahn Gasfedern: a reliable partner that manufactures safe and secure products. 

Use our calculator!

We have developed a calculator that will calculate the amount of gas that your gas spring requires in order to function properly. In 12 easy steps, you will be able to find an appropriate gas spring for your application.

  1. Enter the length of the application.
  2. Fill in the height of the application. 
  3. Measure the angle to the horizontal in degrees. Do this when the cover is closed. 
  4. Continue by doing the same for the angle to the horizontal in degrees. 
  5. Enter with the total amount of weight the cover has.  
  6. Indicate the position of the pivot point; at the top, bottom or in the middle.
  7. Select the number of gas springs you would like to order. Keep in mind that two gas springs will most of the time be sufficient to open and close the cover. 
  8. Choose the material of the gas spring (steel or stainless steel). 
  9. Enter the width of the application. 
  10. Choose the material of the cover: softwood, plastic, wood, hardwood, perspex, PVC, glass, aluminium or stainless steel.
  11. The temperature of the surroundings is required as they do influence the working force of gas springs. 
  12. Finally, select whether you would like to have a tension spring or not. Tension springs pull on the cover whereas a gas spring pushes against the cover. 

Other tools

Next to the calculator, you can make use of our configuration tool and replacement tool as well. They will help you in order to assemble gas springs of your own and to find a replacement with the exact specifications as your current spring. If you require any assistance in using our tools, please contact us. We would be happy to help you.