Gas springs Kansas established an online webshop that offers various gas springs for all kinds of applications. They support applications such as valves, doors, lids, windows and trailers. Our range is very broad as we do offer springs in different sizes and for different purposes. Next to this it is possible to customize a gas spring of your own! 

Gas springs in Kansas

In the state of Kansas, the main supplier of gas springs is Austin Hardware & Supply. is now also available in Kansas. We provide the best quality gas springs for a decent price. Our gas springs are produced by Hahn Gasfedern. This company is known for their high quality gas springs that are applicable on different types of applications. They manufacture (stainless) steel springs and moulding parts that can replace springs of brands like Suspa Liftline, Bansbach, AL-KO and Airax Rayflex.

Customize your own!

With the help of our unique tools, you can customize your own gas spring. With the calculator you can calculate the amount of force that your gas spring needs in order to function in a safe way. The correct amount of gas determines the pressure the gas spring can execute. 

When you are looking for a gas spring with uncommon or rare sizes and amounts of pressure, you can make use of our configurator. With this tool you can customize a gas spring of your own. By selecting materials, diameters, lengths, etc. the tool will create a gas spring that will be perfectly applicable for your specific situation! 

The replacement tool will assist you in finding a proper replacement for damaged or broken gas springs. Enter the article number in the search bar in order to find the correct replacement for your gas spring. The search function will find a spring that has the same specifications as the current gas spring and it will fit perfectly on the respective application. 

Fast service

By ordering gas springs via, you are doing a sustainable investment. Our gas springs are of high-end quality and made of the best materials. However, if you do have any complaints regarding your order, you can fill in the returning form to return your package. We try to maintain a fast delivery and are shipping your order within 1-2 working days.   

Do you want any advice about which tool you should use or which kind of gas spring will be most sufficient for your application? Please contact us and our employees will be happy to help you any further.