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What are gas springs?

Gas springs, or gas struts, are hydropneumatic adjustment elements that assist in heavy lifting, opening and closing heavy applications such as windows and doors. They are also used for trailers, valves, hatches, boxes and tailgates. Gas springs consist of  a piston housing, piston rod and seals. The spring is filled with nitrogen gas to create a counterforce at a very high pressure. By adjusting the amount of gas in the spring, the amount of force can be increased or decreased. 

Gas springs in Indiana is covering all of the states including Indiana! Now, main manufacturers are ACE Controls, Austin Hardware & Supply, DADCO, Hibshman Screw Machine Products, Industrial Gas Springs, JWF Technologies, Kaller Gas Springs, Liftomatic Material Handling, Moore Industrial Hardware, Orr & Orr, Pascal Engineering and SUSPA Incorporated. Those manufacturers are known for their high quality gas springs. However, if you want gas springs that are made with the newest technologies, the best materials and for the best price, you can order them in our webshop! 

About us offers you the ability to order gas springs and mounting parts for all of your applications. Whether you need a gas spring for your horse’s trailer or for your children’s toy box we offer all kinds of gas springs. We deliver our products within 1-2 working days. You will pay a decent price for (stainless) steel gas struts with a very long lifespan. Ordering via is an efficient and sustainable investment. 

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