How do I find a replacement gas spring for my sunbed?

Are you looking for gas springs for your sunbed or tanning light? We sell various universal gas struts at In many cases there are special gas springs on sunbeds. These gas struts are provided with additional resistance so they remain standing in all positions. We do not sell these kinds of gas springs (currently). We recommend you to buy these gas struts from the manufacturer or dealer of your sunbed.
If there are no gas springs with extra resistance on your sunbed, your sunbed will only stop by itself in the open and closed positions and you may be able to find a replacement in our shop. You will then need to measure your gas spring. The issues that are important for you to measure you can find here . If you have measured these things, you can use our Configurator to see if you can find a gas spring  similar to replace your sunbed gas strut.

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